Denzz Workshops website

Made with Joomla Software.
Assignment: Website (with CMS).
Subject: Denzz Workshops website.
Date: 12/2012

Denzz Workshops Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity Denzz.
Assignment: Logos, corporate colours, webdesign. Subject: Denzz Workshops. Date: 08/2012

SupportDesk BV - Magento and Joomla! Support

I am working for SupportDesk since 2012.

Video Interface Sucker Punch

Made in Flash Catalyst.
Assignment: Video Interface.
Subject: Sucker Punch.
Date: 05/2011

QuickTime VR

Cinema 4D, PTGui and Pano2VR. Assignment: QuickTime VR panorama movies and 3D object movies.
Date: 09/2011

Video met nasynchronisatie

Premiere, Soundbooth and Media Encoder. Assignmt: Video with voice synchronisation. Subject: My Little Pony. Date: 09/2011

Flash website

Adobe Flash Professional. Assignment: Flash website using ActionScript 3.0. Subject: Def P & Beatbusters. Date: 09/2011

WordPress blog

WordPress Blog.
Assignment: An online diary and memorabilia from my trip to Australia.
Date: 10/2011